LabGenius is the first biopharmaceutical company developing next generation protein therapeutics using a machine learning-driven evolution engine (EVA) ™.

Our protein engineering platform integrates several bleeding edge technologies from the fields of machine learning, synthetic biology, and robotics. We use advanced deep-learning neural networks to explore protein fitness landscapes and improve multiple drug properties simultaneously.

We are a London-based, privately-owned company, backed by top-tier venture capital funds.

Sabin Mínguez
Business Development and Innovation Manager 


LSX is an influential community of senior life science decision makers. We connect senior life science executives with access to the capital, intelligence, innovation, and partners they need to grow their businesses. We achieve this through a programme of high-level conferences and networking events, via content that showcases and shares the expertise of investors, senior leaders and industry stakeholders, as well as through bespoke initiatives.

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Matthew Pullan
Senior Vice President 
Joseph Knight
Business Developlment Manager 


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MedCity is the life sciences organisation for London and the greater south east of England, incorporating the Golden Triangle of Cambridge – London – Oxford.  The region is home to world-class academic institutions including King’s College London, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, UCL, The Francis Crick Institute, The Institute of Cancer Research and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

MedCity provides a front door into the life sciences ecosystem for companies, investors and the life sciences real estate sector.  MedCity can help to connect you to find the expertise, resources, infrastructure, places and people needed to grow your company and we support companies to understand the route to market and regulatory frameworks.
MedCity works across all human health focused life sciences modalities – advanced therapies, biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies, diagnostics, digital health, data and AI applied to healthcare.

MedCity connects excellence across academic centres, the health service (NHS) and industry.

Ilias Zapantis
Programme Manager 
Phil Jackson
Project Director 


Medherant is developing a pipeline of products for pain and neurology indications, based on our next-generation TEPI-Patch® transdermal drug technology. Our first product – Ibuprofen TEPI Patch – entered the clinic in 2018.

Key advantages of the TEPI Patch® technology over current technologies are the high payload and very efficient release of drug.  This enables lower potency drugs to be formulated as a patch and provides the opportunity to increase the dose of drugs already administered via a patch whilst also minimising the residual drug after use.  

The TEPI Patch® also provides a better experience for the user as it does not leave a residue around the patch – referred to as ‘cold flow’ – and has excellent adhesion whilst still being easy and painless to remove. No organic solvents are involved in this drug-in-adhesive system.

As well as developing our own products, Medherant offers pharma companies rapid feasibility studies using our proprietary high throughput permeation study system to develop transdermal formulations of their drugs of interest.

Nigel Davis


The Life Science Network for Wales

Founded in 1992, MediWales is the life science network and representative body for Wales. MediWales provides advice, support and business opportunities for our members, whilst promoting collaboration within the life science and health technology community in Wales.

With 180 members, our network is largely made up of life science organisations, pharmaceutical services and medical technology companies. We actively encourage engagement with the clinical research community and our membership includes NHS health boards and universities. We are an independent, not-for-profit limited company.

Our mission is ‘The advancement of human life science in Wales.’ 

Our focus is creating opportunities for our members.

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Debbie Laubach
Operations Manager 

Mereo BioPharma Group plc


Our mission is to provide new therapies to patients with chronically debilitating and life limiting rare diseases that have few, if any, other treatment options.

Our goal is to build an international biopharmaceutical company developing and commercializing new therapies for rare disease patients, focusing on bone/musculoskeletal, respiratory and endocrine indications.


Our clinical-stage, rare disease assets originated in pharmaceutical or biotechnology companies where for strategic reasons they were not being progressed. With the streamlined efficiency of a small company and with our internal expertise and external resources we are able to rapidly progress the products into late stage development and the planned subsequent commercialization. 

Donald Coppen
Director of Corporate Development 
Pascal Venn
Manager, Corporate Development 


We aim to improve the health and quality of life of patients by creating high value therapeutics addressing global unmet medical needs.

Mironid® is a vibrant, growing, customer-centric company with an outstanding team motivated to deliver innovative new medicines.Our mission is to become a world leader in cell signalling directed therapeutic development.Mironid® is currently building and progressing a pipeline of early stage drug discovery programmes that are initially targeted at cAMP degrading phosphodiesterase enzymes. These will generate novel and differentiated therapies for a range of therapeutic indications.

Neil Wilkie

Nanomerics Ltd

Nanomerics Ltd is a speciality pharmaceutical company based in London, UK.  Nanomerics was spun out of University College London, a top 20 global university and was founded to commercialise the Molecular Envelope Technology (MET) developed in the UK academic sector.  Nanomerics’ MET enables the transport of drugs across key biological epithelial barriers and this allows Nanomerics to create uniquely differentiated products, underpinned by high quality science.  Nanomerics’ MET recently won first prize in the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry Emerging Technologies competition.

Nanomerics has out-licensed NM127, an enkephalin-based pain asset to Virpax Pharmaceuticals and NM133, a dry-eye asset to Iacta Pharmaceuticals.  Both of these assets are powered by Nanomerics’ MET.  Nanomerics has a pipeline of assets that have the potential to offer significant patient benefit.  Nanomerics is committed to a world where patients receive the best medicines possible for their conditions.

Ijeoma Uchegbu

National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is unique, it is the worlds most integrated research network and provides a gateway for you to carry out your clinical research and technology evaluation in the NHS.

We are a government funded organisation, founded in 2006 to improve the health and wealth of the nation, we work with a diverse range of industry sectors, including diagnostics, medical technology, biopharmaceutical and CROs, as well as with associated industries such as digital, design and artificial intelligence.

We offer a free of charge, robust feasibility service to all companies that have eligible study proposals. This includes an expert protocol/synopsis review, providing national level feasibility of the "doability" and compatibility of the trial in the NHS. Along with 2 site level feasibility services, 1 of which identifies potential centers to run your trial, all done within 3 weeks. We also provide support through the set up and recruitment phase to ensure your study is set up swiftly and delivers the target number of patients on time.

We have helped demonstrate that the UK is globally competitive in speed of study set up by recruiting 28 global firsts into commercial trials last year. We also supported the recruitment of over 870,000 participants onto clinical trials in the last financial year.

We have worked with and provided support to over 1300 different companies over the years and we are looking forward to meeting new ones BIO Europe to whom we can support.

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Theo Christie
Business Development Manager 
Karl Davison
Business Development Officer 


OBN is the UK’s largest and most innovative not-for-profit R&D Membership organisation for Life Sciences with over 400-member companies, ranging from start-ups through unicorns to Big Pharma, and relevant service sector providers.

Our services include discounted purchasing, professional training, advising, advocacy, networking and partnering via c40 high-quality networking events per year throughout the UK. These are complimented by our four, annual, flag-ship events:

Europe’s leading Biopartnering and Investment conference.

BIOSEED®, London
A unique platform for early-stage Life Sciences Companies seeking seed and series-A funding.

BIOFORWARD®, Birmingham
A high-quality international partnering conference providing a roadmap for R&D companies looking to achieve sustainable business growth.

A leading Life Sciences awards event, celebrating innovation & outstanding achievement across the UK Life Sciences Industry.

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Lee Pratley
Head of Purchasing and Membership