BioPartner UK

Exhibiting at booth 7a with the UK delegation

BioPartner UK leads the UK Delegation to several partnering conferences
each year. It is a UK Accredited Trade Organisation facilitating international partnering for trade, investment and collaborations with Life Sciences organisations across the UK. BioPartner is a membership organisation, supporting UK SMEs and startups, and signposting organisations worldwide to UK expertise.

BioPartner has alliances with organisers of international biopartnering events, and with UK membership organisations, operating both independently and
in partnership with the UK government. BioPartner disseminates tradeshow access grants to help UK-based SMEs exhibit their services and products in new overseas markets.

Della Bateson
Operations Manager 
Lin Bateson
Chief Executive 
Alasdair Stamps
Paula Paton


CEIDR (Centre of Excellence in Infectious Diseases Research) is a partnership between Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and the University of Liverpool (UoL) focused on commercialisation and translational partnering in infectious diseases working with industry to advance drugs, vaccines and diagnostics towards market.

Liverpool is a major academic and translational centre, internationally recognised for its infectious diseases research with over 500 researchers in LSTM and UoL working directly in this field. We have a proven track record working with industry from discovery through to clinical trials contributing to products currently in clinical development or on the market including drugs, diagnostics, vaccines and insecticides.

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Lisa Baldwin
Business Development Manager 
Becky Jones-Phillips
Business Development Manager 

Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD)

CPRD is the leading global provider of real-world retrospective and prospective research services based on representative UK population electronic health data. Our services are used from discovery to post-marketing authorisation by academia, industry and governments worldwide to drive real world evidence in public health research.

CPRD is a centre of the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

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Temis Vasili
Business Development Manager 

Health and Care Research Wales

Exhibiting at Booth 8

Health and Care Research Wales is a Wales wide organisation funded and overseen by the Welsh Government’s Research and Development Division. 

The aim of Health and Care Research Wales is to increase the amount of high quality research and development that takes place in NHS Wales.

Health and Care Research Wales provides infrastructure and funding to support and increase capacity for Research and Development within NHS Wales.

We provide a number of key services to industry so that research in Wales can be setup and delivered in a streamlined and efficient way:

-Early feedback on commercial projects/studies
-Wales-wide feasibility service (which links in with the UK wide site identification service)
-Study setup and oversight support
-Support with Investigator engagement
-Support with contract and costing negotiations (using a 'once for Wales 'approach to setup of multi-site studies in NHS Wales).
-Health and Care Research Wales also run a range of research funding schemes and manage the NHS R&D funding allocation which is provided to Health Boards and Trusts in Wales to increase clinical research activity.

Matthew Harris
Cluster Lead 
Jayne Jones
Rachel Nelson
Industry Research Coordinator 

Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI)

The Health Innovation Research Alliance Northern Ireland (HIRANI) was established in 2019 as an alliance between Queen’s University Belfast, Ulster University, The Department of Health, The Department for the Economy and Industry. The objectives for HIRANI are to provide a single point of contact for external collaborators to be able to understand areas of research and innovation excellence in Northern Ireland with a view to collaboration and investment. In addition, HIRANI will drive increased collaboration and research coordination within the health and life science community within Northern Ireland.

HIRANI has a bold ambition to bring together the component strengths within Northern Ireland, provide leadership and focus and as a result drive prosperity and improve patient outcomes within the region.

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Robert Grundy


Exhibiting at booth 5

MedCity is the life sciences organisation for London and the greater south east of England, incorporating the Golden Triangle of Cambridge – London – Oxford.  The region is home to world-class academic institutions including King’s College London, Imperial College London, Queen Mary University of London, UCL, The Francis Crick Institute, The Institute of Cancer Research and the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.

MedCity provides a front door into the life sciences ecosystem for companies, investors and the life sciences real estate sector.  MedCity can help to connect you to find the expertise, resources, infrastructure, places and people needed to grow your company and we support companies to understand the route to market and regulatory frameworks.
MedCity works across all human health focused life sciences modalities – advanced therapies, biopharmaceuticals, medical technologies, diagnostics, digital health, data and AI applied to healthcare.

MedCity connects excellence across academic centres, the health service (NHS) and industry.

Ilias Zapantis
Programme Manager 
Phil Jackson
Project Director 


The Life Science Network for Wales

Founded in 1992, MediWales is the life science network and representative body for Wales. MediWales provides advice, support and business opportunities for our members, whilst promoting collaboration within the life science and health technology community in Wales.

With 180 members, our network is largely made up of life science organisations, pharmaceutical services and medical technology companies. We actively encourage engagement with the clinical research community and our membership includes NHS health boards and universities. We are an independent, not-for-profit limited company.

Our mission is ‘The advancement of human life science in Wales.’ 

Our focus is creating opportunities for our members.

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Debbie Laubach
Operations Manager 

National Institute of Health Research (NIHR)

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is unique, it is the worlds most integrated research network and provides a gateway for you to carry out your clinical research and technology evaluation in the NHS.

We are a government funded organisation, founded in 2006 to improve the health and wealth of the nation, we work with a diverse range of industry sectors, including diagnostics, medical technology, biopharmaceutical and CROs, as well as with associated industries such as digital, design and artificial intelligence.

We offer a free of charge, robust feasibility service to all companies that have eligible study proposals. This includes an expert protocol/synopsis review, providing national level feasibility of the "doability" and compatibility of the trial in the NHS. Along with 2 site level feasibility services, 1 of which identifies potential centers to run your trial, all done within 3 weeks. We also provide support through the set up and recruitment phase to ensure your study is set up swiftly and delivers the target number of patients on time.

We have helped demonstrate that the UK is globally competitive in speed of study set up by recruiting 28 global firsts into commercial trials last year. We also supported the recruitment of over 870,000 participants onto clinical trials in the last financial year.

We have worked with and provided support to over 1300 different companies over the years and we are looking forward to meeting new ones BIO Europe to whom we can support.

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Theo Christie
Business Development Manager 
Karl Davison
Business Development Officer 


OBN is the UK’s largest and most innovative not-for-profit R&D Membership organisation for Life Sciences with over 400-member companies, ranging from start-ups through unicorns to Big Pharma, and relevant service sector providers.

Our services include discounted purchasing, professional training, advising, advocacy, networking and partnering via c40 high-quality networking events per year throughout the UK. These are complimented by our four, annual, flag-ship events:

Europe’s leading Biopartnering and Investment conference.

BIOSEED®, London
A unique platform for early-stage Life Sciences Companies seeking seed and series-A funding.

BIOFORWARD®, Birmingham
A high-quality international partnering conference providing a roadmap for R&D companies looking to achieve sustainable business growth.

A leading Life Sciences awards event, celebrating innovation & outstanding achievement across the UK Life Sciences Industry.

Organisation type
Lee Pratley
Head of Purchasing and Membership 

One Nucleus

Exhibiting at Booth 5

One Nucleus is a membership organisation for international life science and healthcare companies. We are based in Cambridge and London UK, the heart of Europe’s largest life science and healthcare cluster.

Established in 1997, and formerly known as ERBI, One Nucleus is a not-for-profit, membership organisation and located in Cambridge and London – the centre of Europe’s leading life science and healthcare cluster. More than 470 members include pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and diagnostic companies and associated technical and commercial service providers.


Tony Jones
Aline Charpentier
Head of Business Development